The farmers’ grandkids are visiting. There’s always lots of excitement when they first arrive and connect with the animals, the four-wheel bikes and their local cousins, in that order. I think the grandparents are just sort of there. The kids are not old enough yet to work out why the older generation are there. In time they will.

The busy build up to the agricultural shows keeps all the kids and the adults occupied. The farm hands make the finishing touches to the show animals. That is when the barns turn into beauty parlours for four-legged woolly creatures and the stock men become designer beauticians.

Nearly all agricultural shows have now been and gone for this year and the weather has been good for them. When there are pleasant show conditions, it brings out lots of visitors to the show ground. It can be a great family fun day.

The big Regional show is next on the agenda. The farmers will take their prize-winning animals to this show. The preparations will all begin again. It’s a long day for everyone, as there is a lot of travelling to the regional show. The visiting grand-kids will not be so involved with the build up for the big show, as it is likely they will be disappearing to help out on a food stand at it, their own immediate family will be presenting.

And so the school holidays will pass…….



  1. I’ve been to a County show, and that will be it, for us, this year. My role is very much that of visitor and spectator. The work, Bushka, is done by the farming community.

  2. It all sounds busy and bustling for the farmers….I’d love to see pics. The kids obviously have a ball and the good weather must be a huge bonus!xxxx

  3. There is one pic on my blogger site of one animal for a recent post. I may upload some more in due course, to the other site, of the agricultural show.

    It is busy and bustling time for the farmers.

  4. Ah, ici a cette ferme, il n ya pas des vaches, il ya seulement d’agneaux et quelques poulets. J’achete leurs eux.

    A la exhibition agriculturelle, j’ai trouvee autre animaux, mais pas une vache dan le boeuf! 😉

  5. When there is a build up to the agricultural shows and then the shows themselves, the kids are all bound up in it. The anti-climax that follows is not easy to overcome.

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