Patients Participation Groups

A new local Patient Participation group, (PPG)the members of which, are registered patients at the practice, is seeking to inform the patients of their existence. As part of the introduction exercise, and to inform themselves how best to operate in the interests of the patients and the practice, the group want find out how the registered patients understand the current arrangements and also, how they use the services. To do so, they have to first draw up a questionnaire, carefully avoiding closed questions.

What questions would you ask?


0 thoughts on “Patients Participation Groups

  1. Is it fair to patients that they are being delegated the responsibility for this element of health service management as a cynical attempt to save money. At the best the PPG will be dominated by unpaid amateurs (more likely by irritating busybodies) and the money saved by not employing trained administrators will be permanently lost to the NHS.

  2. This PPG isn’t replacing administrators. If anything, it is giving them another remit to cover. Appropriate I think, because if a PPG is being encouraged without any funding at all, then any administration required has to come from a source already set up, in order to support it.

  3. I wonder how many of the patients will consider it a complicated matter, too.

    Questions will have to be carefully framed, but something like, ‘do you understand what is available/offered and how do you use it’? Except it might be in neater terms than this.

  4. Ahh yes…maybe something like….what is the process for booking an appointment with the GP and how much notice would be required for a urgent and non-urgent appointment. Also something about out of hours procedures.xxxx

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