I decided to take the plunge and not just look at the ‘new editor’ but, beta test it as well. I bravely selected the instruction to switch. It, the ‘new editor,’ (it’s been around a very long time to beta test) appeared. It had nice clean lines and few extra facilities. all good to look at, which, is, all I could do, look at it. The little beady blue circle, circled and circled and circled. I watched it for a while wondering how long it might take to get to where it was meant to go. Finally, I clicked on ‘return to old editor’……twice. It was not willing to do it. Right, I thought, if you won’t, I will. So, I did. I closed down out of BCUK and returned to the familiar sight of the old editor, relatively reliable and prepared to work. :DD

Let’s hope it doesn’t take forever to upload. :>


  1. I’ve had this problem for weeks, and have sent an email to the support team 4 times. Here we are in September when we were promised an English-speaking staff member, and nothing’s changed. It’s all very irritating.

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