The editor eventually completely developed on the screen. I waited that long, so, why not just click on ‘Try The New Editor’, I thought.  I slid out of my seat to get a drink in the interval time it took to appear. I’ll say this for it, it’s got a very  clear and clean appearance.

Interesting, it does its own formatting, you don’t need to press the key twice to create a paragraph when using it.  It’s just as well I noticed, this editor definitely has its own peculiar system.  Apart from sorting out the HTML, if you are into it,  there’s a generous brush icon, which, offers to makeover your ‘messy code’.  Actually, it’s a little less diplomatic, if offers to ‘clean it up’.  If its that good, perhaps it can be cajoled into a bit of daily housekeeping; starting with my desk.  A bit of a tidy and a clean up would be much appreciated.

Another curiosity, this editor deals in ordered and unordered lists.  If you want yours to be orderly, you must number them.  What on earth is the ‘More Link?” I’ve just had a go at ‘Align Full’, I think I’ll give that one a miss.  Anyone in for inserting media code?


0 thoughts on “PLAYING AROUND

  1. Hi Bushka,
    I am more than inclined to agree with you, until that editor is reliable, I shall stay with what usually works. That said, I got blocked out of both posts in the new editor and the old editor yesterday, with my posts either deleted or friend only. doh!!

  2. What does one do with the media link? It will be a long time before I bother with that editor again. There are real wobbles with the site. Did you receive my PM sent last night, further evidence for the site problems?

  3. Yes, I’ve responded to them.

    I go to the top right bar where it says ‘insert media code’, click on the left hand one that represents a reel of film, and insert the media code as requested.

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