The New Editor obviously disliked me playing around. I published a post via its portal and it immediately uploaded …surprise, surprise! Viewing the post was a another story: it definitely excluded me, its author, as not a word I had written was to be seen by me. It showed up as ‘For Friends Only’. I had left the post open to everyone to view.

How strange, odd and frustrating. The ‘new editor’ is obviously idiosyncratic.


0 thoughts on “PLAYING AROUND

  1. I keep reminding Nadia etc that the wretched thing has started to do this. And another thing – I set and saved my preferences a long time ago and so all the posts that I wrote were posted automatically in that formula. Since we started having all these probs, I find the stupid thing resorts to default, which I don’t like. I’ve also reported the fact that pressing ‘return’, which always moved just one space, now jumps twice or thrice and we end up with paragraphs which are very far apart.

    Nadia keeps telling me that the problem is with the server and that is what the techies are working on.

  2. The formatting is to do with the HTML programme language code. If it was the server, the whole site would be up a creek without the proverbial paddle. I find some of the replies are disingenuous.

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