Justin Welby, Archbishop Of Canterbury, appears to be a more publicly outspoken priest for the oppressed masses than his recent predecessors seemed to be. I do not want to be a spoiler, but, I do wonder just what affects his words would have, uttered as they are, in these British Isles, far, far, away from the awful trouble spots that are exercising many of us. He rightly points out that the focus of destruction is not just on Christian communities, though, it is those which have come into our focus because the Christian religious group has appeared to be singled out for now, and has been suffering dreadfully. The Archbishop described the dead as Christian Martyrs. Justin Welby’s summary of the politics is interesting, as is his choice of language.

The Middle East is complex, it is a melting pot for which no single answer will do. As if to illustrate this. I heard the following report.

A report on BBC radio this morning highlighted the plight and fortitude of the Syrian refugee children, who, from the age of 4 years old, are taken by open lorries to work on farms, harvesting whatever is in the fields. Their work is unprotected and supervised by an overseer. Supervision consists of threatening to dock earnings if they do not fulfill their quotas of work. I do not know who sets those. When the children return to the camps they are given some schooling. The refugee community want their children to have some education, not to be totally disadvantaged and lost. It speaks volumes.

Saving the children is absolutely vital work. UNICEF are constantly fund raising to do more work to help them.



  1. It’s good to hear that UNICEF are trying to help these children, it is heartbreaking to hear of their plight though.

    Yes….I agree about the Middle East and also like you wonder what effect his words will have.xxxx

  2. Travelling recently, I came across collections for UNICEF with any change on offer, be it our own currency, or other others. People travel with foreign coins they cannot convert, may not use for a variety of reasons, and I thought this was a superb way of fund-raising.

    I do hope the young refugee children labouring on the land and their families will be assisted away from the treadmill, the burden of funding their families, when they are so young and in need of support themselves.

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