Who would think that updating firmware on a camera would be such a performance. After two hours of attempting, unsuccessfully, to do it, the battery ran low. And guess what, nothing will load, or upload, if the battery is not a hundred percent alive.

Nothing is straightforward; even calling customer services. Panasonic now guard themselves against customers with new products of theirs. Customers who need help in unscrambling incomprehensible instructions, written by people in their company who know not what simplicity and step-by-step instruction should look like. If they did, there would be no need to protect their technical help staff with call centre staff scattered in many places round the world. A lot more people would understand what to do and be able to help themselves…Yay! This is too much to hope for.

How about contact by Pigeon Post?


The firmware problem did me a circuitous favour. The call centre worker in Eastern Europe had to call the technical desk in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom, (the same Kingdom I live in) as I was having so much bother getting the update on a piece of new equipment.


After ten minutes of listening to some canned music, I found myself speaking to the technical man, himself. It was after all, sensible to deal with the issue first hand and step-by-step, it would have been impossible to manage it any other way. While I had him in my clutches, metaphorically speaking, I got Mr Technical Man to deal with two other outstanding technical questions, one outstanding for over a week, because, it had never been passed on from Romania to Bracknell in Berkshire, U.K.



  1. Oh you’ve hit a raw nerve here….why is everything so darn complicated now????

    While having a tree cut down last week, our telephone and internet line was cut and I spent hours on the mobile to a lady in India who could not understand that the line had been cut and kept telling me to turn the internet off and start again….my nerves were frazzled after THREE calls with her.xxxx

  2. Communication, Snowbird, may be fascinating when you are making a study of it and teaching it, but, international variations are a blasted waste of time when you are trying to settle an issue or, sort a problem. …and what about continuity? Grrrrrrr.

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