At Dusk

The late afternoon sky was startling and stunning in equal measure. I was drawn outside to watch the movement and the colours. Once out of my initial reveries, I rushed to get my camera; I just had to try and get some photos. You can tell I’m not a true photo buff, I often forget about my camera, or forget to carry it around with me and that is how I miss the moment. Not tonight:


There were so many variations of light…


The pictures tell their own story.




4 thoughts on “At Dusk

  1. It’s fascinating that you are reminded of Turner, because, that is exactly what hubby said. I could see it too. It pleases me no end, as he is at the top of my favourite fine artists list. When I was still at school, I would regularly take myself off to The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square just to gaze at Turner’s paintings.

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