Last Friday, the skies in the North were amazing. I posted some pictures on my other site, but, for those blog friends who have not looked in ‘over there’ I am posting the pictures here, so that you can also see the fantastic skies.


These skyscapes occurred as the result of the milder temperatures that wafted our way last week, according to weather watchers.


I was entranced and delighted at the photographic record I got.


Who needs a fireworks display when there are natural wonders like this to watch.



0 thoughts on “LIGHTING UP THE SKIES

  1. Hi Tim,

    I agree with you about sky as a subject, especially when you’re able to see rather a lot of it in all its varied presentations.

    I am pleased you like the pix.

    Still working towards learning layers when space and time allow. Autodidactism has its tough patches! No layers on these pictures, they are as seen, and happily, recorded.

  2. Like yourself I don’t use layers for my photographs unless I want to create something from scratch and then I do. The one of my Grandad at the Menin Gate was probably about three hundred layers in the end as I wanted to use individual poppies and then rearrange them so that they weren’t in a pattern as if they were falling from the sky I guess.
    I find that some photographs lend themselves to playing with photoshop and others don’t but you start to get a feel for objects, backgrounds that work.

  3. What was your near ancestor doing at the Menin Gate? It sounds fascinating.

    I take your point about decisions around what editing may, or, may not be suitable.

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