The price of postage, like everything else, is an expense that has got to be carefully budgeted for. I was really taken aback when I posted a few cards and a couple of packages abroad, recently. Not only are the weight gates for all these items very narrow, just a few grams for letters before the cost hikes up to another silver plated level, also, parcels are in a gilded price class of their own.

I had already decided that I was going to reduce on festive mail with all its associated costs, but, in all honesty I had not realised just how much it would have to be pared down. Where I can, I shall be emailing greetings and delivering cards myself. I think the electronic card business might be expanding and I might swell their number. With this in mind, I am making sure people have my email address, and I want theirs too.

The counter clerk now asks what I have packed into my packages, though not in my large letter?! She needs to know, she says, when I stand there, silent, trying to remember what I wrapped up sometime ago. It’s a memory test. It is becoming like airport security, without the x-ray equipment at the input end…yet.

Five cards slightly over 10 grams each – not over-sized- for mainland Europe cost me £1.28p each

A Parcel about 780 grams was a whopping £6.30p

So, today I sent slightly smaller cards, they were just under the 10grams @ cost 0.88p each

One larger card weighing under 10grams had a smaller one tucked into it to pass onto a family member; total cost £1.28p instead of 88p each. I saved 44p

Surface mail USA £1.33p (Airmail would have cost £1.83p. The 50p stayed in my purse).

A couple of years ago I discovered sending a package to mainland Europe by surface mail was just 5p cheaper than using air mail!!!

UK letter mail up to 100g second class is 50p and 60p for first class mail. In addition, there are different charges for large letters. Woe betide you if your first or second class letter, or, even your large one, do not fit through the template gauges. You’ll need to reach for your wallet or purse

Goodwill becomes more than a little jaded with the kind of charges that are being imposed from many quarters. Something has to give.



  1. It’s ludicrous. I agree with your decision – email is cheaper and also more reliable, although of course you can’t send parcels by email. Unless they are e-vouchers, of course!

  2. My parcels are reducing in size and weight, some are now large letters. Anyone who has not given me an email address will be filtered for continuation of Xmas post.

    I like cards, they decorate the room, I think about who sends them; however, decorations are but a ‘bauble’ and quite an expensive one these days.

    A friend told me today, she has stopped most of her Christmas mail last year. It seems I am slow off the mark.

  3. De temps en temps, j’acheter des services en trouve dans la bureau de poste, et aussie, il faux je depense la monnaie pour eu. Bien sur je sais le prix de tous je payee.

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