There have been charges based on measuring gauges and weights for letters for a few years.  The goalposts have been constantly changed to screw out maximum charges for the postal services offered to customers.

I was under the misguided impression, parcels were still charged by weight. Parcel Force, the name now in use for what used to be the parcel delivery arm of Royal Mail, will not carry large or outsize parcels over a certain weight. I had absolutely no idea that  measurement gauges were in use in the U.K for all standard parcels, that is those parcels that do not look like packages.  When did that happen?  I was amazed to see my shoe box size parcel placed into an empty box, a gauge,  before a charge was imposed for it.  Fortunately for me, it just fitted the gauge. Another layer of wrap might have made a big difference to the cost of posting it.

You haven’t seen the half of it….said the post mistress, when I expressed my surprise at the measuring process. This is the second gauge we have had this year. The ‘new’ one is the same width and depth as the previous one, but is 10cm shorter, (A whole four inches in old measurements, shorter!!!).

There is likely to be a backlash with all these ruses for raising prices, I said.

It’s already happened. My small business customers now use couriers. They can get a straight £4 charge for each of their regular parcels.  The postmistress continued… I don’t see them much now; I can’t ask them how good the courier services are.


  1. It really is getting beyond a joke. I just posted a parcel, it was only small but cost five pounds….how crazy is that! They are peicing themselves out of the

  2. I had one parcel that cost £6.30 and others – very small- have all been £2.10 and more.

    Mail as we know it, means customers are being priced out of the market.

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