Genuine Introductions And Requests To Link Up

Why does it not surprise me that a friend request is from someone who has recently joined Blogland, has no personal biography, not even a hint of it, and has never written a single post. In summary, there is nil on site.

It is sad to relate, I would be very surprised these days, if a request was made from someone who had made a genuine attempt at introducing themselves and had genuinely posted at least a couple of times, better if more, before requesting a link up.



0 thoughts on “Genuine Introductions And Requests To Link Up

  1. I turn down anyone who doesn’t have some sort of acceptable blogland history. In fact I haven’t added any new friends for ages; there are so very few new people joining.

  2. Those nefarious requests are less frequent, admittedly, some people still try and will get results from those who are less cautious and unaware.

    I report such requesters as inappropriate, not knowing if that works or not.

  3. I do not understand what you mean.

    The requests are made by personal message (an email) on the site by people who subscribe to the site.

    Tous ces anquettes viens de la system de email subscription.

  4. Exactement Zalandeau, ca c’est la meme ici. Donc, je m’interesse pas d’avoir amis sans une biographie, (ni un minumum) sans postes, avec assolutement rien. Ils ont motives questionable.

  5. Exactement. Et puis j’ai tellement été déçu par certains “Friends”, que je n’en veux plus aucun pour ne pas faire de jaloux.
    J’accepte uniquement les “Email subscription”

  6. Alors, donc, nous parlons de les memes choses et l’actions par la meme avenue.

    Quand une personne offre un attachement comme amis, je voudrais voir quelques preuve que leur intentions son onetes

  7. Hi Sula,

    Thanks for the comment. I cannot be bothered if there is no blogging history and there is no message. It is an approach many of us have taken over the experience of time at BCUK. I do hope many more bloggers have a care, as well.

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