Our worn and weary MAIN POST OFFICE is going to be closed for at least two weeks in January for ‘upgrading’. Dealing with the three years old, (plus some) hole in the ceiling and the leak from the roof that runs along the cables into a bucket in the customer area, more like.

The helpful [not!] people in a London UK head office have advised customers who wish to deal with the business elements that main post offices are authorised to do, for example, checking passport and driving licence applications, to go to the next nearest main post office. To get to it, we would have to take a ferry journey of 21 miles across the sea!!!!!! 

Oops, oh dear, well, there are a couple of sub-post offices equidistant, about five miles from where I live that can deal with general post.  Alternatively, if you fancy a 40 miles round trip, there’s another post office that can undertake some of the work.

It leads you to think, (being kind and generous here) that either maps do not exist, or,  if they do, they do not show major seas.  Then again, we  do know some internet maps even move land masses to different parts of the globe.



  1. Nice to see you posting on WordPress, Menhir. Food luck on this new incarnation of your blog. There are many advantages. As for the post office, I think I already mentioned that it’s on its way out. Soon it will just be a memory.

  2. Hello Shimon,

    Lovely to hear from you.

    I have had this blog for a long time, but have not utilised it a great deal. You have wonderful interaction with your blog, which a lot of people would love to have here. It is not an easy site to develop an interested following. This seems to be a great avenue for advertisers and people who press one button to communicate.

    BCUK was very much better for developing a lively communication, though a lot of people I connect with there are moving here or have blogs on Blogspot. WordPress seems to be a peculiarly silent construct where, bloggers introduce their own groups to their WP site.

    The post office, as you say seems to be metamorphosing by political design into a different entity.


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