Trial Adblocker For iPad

Trialled the suggested ipad advert zapper. I decided against continuing the trial. The idea of it is smart, as yet it has some way to go, I think, to be seamless in use, if that will ever be possible. The current answer is to post and ‘chat’ either on a desktop or a laptop computer where AdBlock can be used.

It was worth a try.



0 thoughts on “Trial Adblocker For iPad

  1. Hi GillyK,

    I had the trial version, the developer very ethically, insists upon it. After a period, a month I think, then you are invited to upgrade to pro for a nominal charge I have been told, with more features, like tab browsing etc.

    What this app seems to be is a browser that incorporates an ad block. (I could be wrong on this). You would have to decide whether you wanted a less slick browser than the one you use with the iPad. the current version seems to me to be a bit slow and clunky. It was not clear to me that I was downloading a browser. One bit of research even instructed changing various internet settings for the app to be effective, with a yo-yo change of settings,if you wanted to use hot spots or third party wifi. I had none of that to do. I checked on various other things before downloading the app, including a video by the developer. His was not the easiest to follow, he was demonstrating and explaining, quite well, in a foreign language, English from German – not the easiest thing for him to do.

    My own preference is to wait. I’m sure now that the idea has been approved for downloading through the App store. there will be continual developments. Apple might even sort out something within their own system. Hope springs eternal!

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