Paperless Housekeeping- Oh Yeah…

I’m trying really hard to gird my loins for daily activities in 2014. Having a dead bulb replaced in the light fitting might help to brighten things up a bit! There is such an awful lot of sorting to do. You know, stuff you keep in case it’s needed; some of it might be, a lot of it is not. :.

Housekeeping the computer files is on my ‘to do’ list before they get totally out of hand. The photographic ones are a daunting thought. No, these are not New Resolutions for 2014, I gave up that process a while ago. This is digital administration. It should be less back-breaking than the paper filing variety and more of a headache I think. If the truth be told there is a bit of paper filing to do as well. I do not have a paperless environment, I have yet to meet anyone, or, any business that has become completely paperless.


0 thoughts on “Paperless Housekeeping- Oh Yeah…

  1. Ah yes, the dreaded filing. And always, whether paperless or otherwise, the inevitability of not knowing exactly where that certain piece of information went … good luck.

  2. Hi GillK,

    I am always looking for mis[fired]filed information. It can be a great time-waster and frustration. One thing, filing systems have to be tied up with memory, ergo, a certain je ne sais quoi of agility in that cerebral area.

    It has to be confronted. This time, my intention is to do so with a less cluttered desk. I still have equipment on it used for separating out information gathered during my MSc.

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