Opportunistic Play Time

Come on now……. she called.  They were playing in the field, the first fine day they had been able to get out to do so, in their young lives.

She called again as she opened the gate; come on now…..and they ambled toward her .  The three lambs, two black ones, Suffolks, (their body wool will change to a cream colour as they mature) and a North Country Cheviot lamb  and the two mums, obediently followed the farmer back into the barn.

it is too early for lambs to be out for any length of time. Today, a lull between storms, offered the first decent window of opportunity for these lambs  to be introduced to pasture and, for their mums to eat a bit of  grass.  Even the  remaining heavily pregnant Suffolk  was able to contentedly waddle around  the field. She also obediently trailed back in to the barn with the others.

The winds of the early hours of the morning had been strong enough to dry off surface  water, giving just the right conditions for two or three hours time out in the ‘playground’.


8 thoughts on “Opportunistic Play Time

    • I’m sure the Suffolk will be okay. These ladies are producers of prize lambs that become pedigree stock of show standard. Some of these ‘mums’ have been prizewinners as lambs, themselves. There are only a few of this breed, they are not yet rare but neither are they common anymore.

  1. Hi Snowbird,

    I think you have said something similar before. I don’t have any media of this breed on the site. If I had, I could have dragged up an ‘oldie’. As it is, not using the desktop, where I might have found a pic or two, my alternative, is to describe the scene without visuals.

    These potentially prize-winning and uncommon animals are very well cared for.

  2. Ahhh…I’d forgotten that they are prizewinners and rarely hit the pot! That is good to remember.
    I do recall past pics of them as adults, at a fair I think.xxx.

  3. The current generation would be the great and greatx2 grandchildren of the lambs photographed in the past. One fabulous ‘dandy’ keeled over the day before his major show. The farmer sent me a message about him, knowing that I had taken a special interest in Angus.

  4. Hello Shimon,

    Thanks for your comment. It is an ideal, watching the sheep and lambs respond to just the voice. it is good to see the ideal being reached on occasion. The noisy antics of some of the younger men who sometimes help out, are like over-used muzak at the wrong pitch. They do no better, in fact often it takes them longer to achieve the desired result.

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