This week found me doing jobs that I had never thought, ever, to do. I’m not sure how it came about, some things are like that, they just happen.

Years ago, (different years) I received gifts of boxes of chocolates. These boxes had different designs and finishes, they were also made with three drawers for the various selections. One had handles with which to open the drawers and the other had small tassels, which sadly, have become a bit threadbare through use. I used these two boxes for storing needlework essentials and various kinds of makings. Whenever and wherever I moved these two boxes set up home with me. A new reel of thread, packs of needles, pins, safety pins of all sizes, scissors, many types of buttons, all found their way into these small but seemingly capacious little drawers!

Back to where I started: hunting about in drawer number one, did not produce what I wanted. I pulled out everything, I inspected all the little packages and discovered long forgotten things,

I opened drawer two, still no luck. I did retrieve a gold coloured metal powder compact in very good condition and a plastic 45rpm centre-piece for the circular hole that facilitated placing the record on the deck spindle. I can only assume that some countries had 5cm record deck spindles, which is why I must have bought the ‘filler’.

After another rummage, drawer three yielded more success. I had also added to a pile of bits and pieces that had to be sorted and tidily replaced between the three drawers.

My ‘What shall I do with these?’ haul at the end of the process, was, one powder compact, one record centre-hole filler and in a twice folded envelope, in which, were a number of fossilised sharks’ teeth…

I have yet to take the notion to start on the second box with three drawers stuffed with who knows what, apart from needles and thread. Perhaps that will happen, just like it did with the first three drawer box.




  1. Hello Geoff,

    Good to meet you. thanks for the comment.

    I looked at the hole filler again, this morning, and yes, I can see the spider in it. The 45’s I have without centres were, in the main, foreign records I bought from small specialist shops in Soho, in central London. The records must have been generically distributed. Ones I bought in France, were the same. You could buy the centres separately for the 45s, just as well, as otherwise, you couldn’t play them!

    A project, when I can understand how to operate some of the incomprehensible programmes, is to digitize those records onto my hard disk.


  2. :)) I have a silver compact that belonged to my mother and is engraved with her initials. I wondered if I could begin to use it myself, but modern face stuff is too deep to sit inside. However, I can’t bear to part with it either, so it is sitting there while I wait for inspiration to strike. However, I have a feeling it’s not going to …

  3. Morning PP!

    I have been racking my memory cells for an answer to that thought, which, I have had, too. Meantime, a young primary school relative has been to see them to share nature’s knowledge.

  4. There are ways to use the compact. You will find, for example what are called mineral powders, (look at Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals, an inexpensive range) it is a loose powder applied with a small brush, provided. You could always shake just a little of it into the compact, so that you can powder your nose when required with an appropriate powder pad. These days there are rubbery make up sponges which, may come in all shapes and sizes. If so, you could cut to suit. They are washable.

    It is still possible to buy loose powder good for decanting, I hate to advertise further, however, a chemist chain beginning with letter B may have their own.

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