Hello madam my name is Craig…..

madam?’ I’m on the alert.

he continues…I’m just ringing to find out who in your house is eligible for assistance.

These cold calls are beyond the pale.

The companies appear to have cottoned on that asking for a few moments of my time has worn thin. It is where the call ends. A previous call was very much more deviously polished than the one above, from Craig…

Hello, I won’t keep you long. I just want you to know that you could be eligible for a large amount of money…. I am silent; for him, cue to continue:

we are offering the householder -are you the householder? – (silence) a large discount on replacing your windows……..


0 thoughts on “HELLO MADAM

  1. There is always this below’
    I registered with it and apart from Homeserve, who I reserve as yet undocumented expletives for, it seems to work.


    My old boss used to lead them on right up to the point of reading out his credit card number then say “Whoah, sorry, got to go for a pint”. He made an art out of it.
    I’m more a two word and click man.

  2. I don’t pay for caller number recognition; even that would not be an answer as friends can use a variety of numbers with which to call.

    I shall have to think of devices that will please me and frustrate them. It’s more than a nuisance though.

  3. I was registered with the TPS way back when. I wonder if the cold calling intrusion really got free reign when we decided to use a different telephone provider to BT. There are the androids that auto call, which, I do not think the TP service has any control over. I know some of our calls have been made though auto dialing systems.

    Thanks, I will make contact with TP again and see what happens.

  4. We’ve belonged to tps for a long time, but they have no control over most of these. In order to register a complaint we have to have a number, and of course most of these nuisances don’t show one. Grrrrr … :>

  5. I agree, this cold calling is a real nuisance, very intrusive and it is frustrating when you have stopped what you are doing to answer the phone to find that it is yet another recorded message or “phishing” call. 😦

  6. It’s not so much the person who is trying to earn a living in difficult times, (though this went on apace before austerity) who concerns me, it’s the organisations that are behind it that I would like to demolish.

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