There does not seem to be any way of dealing with  this nuisance.  There isn’t, it seems, an effective equivalent of  ‘NO BILL POSTERS HERE’ or,  the ‘BEWARE OF THE DOG’ notices on gates, to deter  telephone cold callers.

Hello madam my name is Craig…..

madam?’ I’m on the alert.

he continues…I’m just ringing to find out who in your house is eligible for assistance.

These cold calls are beyond the pale. 

The companies appear to have begun to understand that asking for a few moments of my time has worn thin.  It is where the call very promptly ends.   A previous call was very much more deviously polished than the one above, from Craig…

Hello, I won’t keep you long. I just want you to know that you could be eligible for a large amount of money…. I am silent; for him, cue to continue:

we are offering the householder -are you the householder? – (silence) a large discount on replacing your windows……..


2 thoughts on “HELLO MADAM

  1. Ahha! Now what I do is always say I’m the maid whether on the phone or with a knock on the door…..and as if I’d ever have a maid!!!! But it works sooooooooo beautifully…and I always say the homeowners are travelling for a few years or so…and I hate to say , I often adopt a foreign accent during these calls or visits…shame on me eh?xxx

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