The airline cancelled the flight. We and all the other passengers formed a never-ending queue to speak to one of the three ground staff ladies at the desk. Advice and guidance was not particularly well handled by airline staff. As for the rest of the palaver, that’s another story. Now, bear in mind, we’re not spring chickens.

Our turn came. The ground staff lady dubiously looked at hubby and me, and wearily asked…..

“Will you be sharing a room?”

Momentarily assessing the question and questioner, my left (ring) hand casually resting on the desk I gave my answer ….

“Yes, we’re allowed to”. :yes:

Good result, lady burst out laughing, gave us nice accommodation for the night.

Getting there was another and different story.


0 thoughts on “TOGETHERNESS

  1. Yes, ‘hubby’ is an affectionate way of saying husband. There are others, like, ‘hubs,’ which I don’t use, because it has other meanings like, moyeu, et, la centre d’activite.

    A quelle temps,nous etions tros fatigante, d’etre irritable aussie, prends plus energie que j’etait. I am irritable now because of the consequences of the cancellation and all the administrative work it now requires.

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