Scrap, Scrappy – done…….Scrapped

It was very appropriate to scrap the latest invitation to hitch up to a particular blog community, the individual was selling a range of – well, shall I just say I.T rubbish which, you probably would be better off placing on the scrap. It is tiring getting spurious invitations, I do wish there was some way of scrapping them, filtering does not seem to work.

Someone will always accept without checking first, sometimes, a few people do, some who do not know the ropes. 😦

There was one nice lass who was seeking a specific interest group and we chatted about how she could find one on BCUK. It was a refreshing new contact, albeit brief. Unfortunately, subscribers to the site these day are usually anything but genuine bloggers, their intentions are very different.


0 thoughts on “Scrap, Scrappy – done…….Scrapped

  1. Now, on, we have much blogger who makes advertising (plumbers), others speak in Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, other list standards, medical schedules…

    It’s necessary to search during a long time to look a true post…

  2. Je regrette ton malaises. J’espere que cela deviens meilleur pour toi.

    Il y as toujours quelque chose que viens avec l’age. Donc, je
    vais assez bien merci.

  3. Hi Free,

    Styles and avenues of communication have changed. It’s called development by some. It’s a pity that the developments cannot survive in parallel to one another. There is no reason in my view why they cannot be complimentary.

  4. Sometimes I think the internet is a vast global scrap heap … one has to exercise good judgement to discover any genuinely valuable items!

  5. Yes,some are very stupid as it’s obvious what they are doing and they say they are 15 and a boy but have girl’s name or vice versa…we have lost quite a few good people from here alas

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