Feeling really tired today; all drained out. Quite a few people around where I live are saying similar things. You can partly put it down to the light nights, and the constant changes in weather, the temperatures, in particular.

Even with light-blocking  window blinds and drapes, light still finds the gaps. If you’re a person who likes a darkened room to sleep in, you just are not going to get it very easily. Once, when we stayed in a chalet, we bought black plastic bin liners and sealed them around the small bedroom window each night. We did the same thing in a holiday caravan too. The equivalent of the bin liner here  at home, the blind, behaves a bit differently.

There have been a few days of warmth, it’s relative, because in the far North where our weather patterns differ to many places on this continent, we feel warmer at lower temperatures than visitors  to the region would be. Even with some humidity, our warmth is still cooler than most other places. Nevertheless, we have been ‘basking’ in levels of 17-18 degrees Centigrade till today.  Today, it’s been a bit overcast, the rain has tried to rain, the breeze is very cool, and we’re coping with a drop in temperature of four or five degrees. Plonk! Just like that.  Our bodily rhythms really don’t know what to make of it, nor, how to handle it.  So, me and a lot of other people are feeling tired.

It’s a case of mind over matter, but as the one is as turgid as the other, neither one is likely to  energise anytime soon.  The little voice inside me says, ‘go with the flow’.   🙂


6 thoughts on “GO WITH THE FLOW

  1. I know how you feel, it’s very changeable here too, you just don’t know what to wear. I can’t sleep when it’s light and no matter what the light gets in so I wear an eye mask, works a treat.xxx

  2. I have tried eye masks, they make me perspire. I haven’t yet found one that is comfortable. The other nuisance is, that the masks have often ended up at the side, or back of my head. Not much use at all when that happens.


  3. I used to have the same problem you had, and then stopped fighting it. When the light would wake me up, I would just start the day. But as I grew older, I found that I needed a nap in the afternoon. And the strange thing about that, was that while taking my afternoon nap, the light of day didn’t bother me at all.

    • I have found the same thing, Shimon, I do wonder whether it is because you’re not going into a deep,deep sleep. 40 winks, a power nap, whatever name is given to it, can be satisfying at the moment of need, even in broad daylight.

      Anything over the 40 winks (translate that to mean minutes) is thought to be unhelpful to continuing your day at a Good functioning level, or, to getting a good night’s sleep. I would add another caveat to that, a power nap too late in the afternoon may not be conducive to getting to sleep at night either.

  4. I empathise with all of this! I too need a dark bedroom in order to sleep, and I dread sleeping in other places where the curtains are flimsy. Bin liners are an excellent idea. I’ll adopt that next time I’m away from home. And yes, I agree that napping in the afternoon is detrimental to a good night’s sleep!

    I’m tired too … and agree that it’s far better to go with the flow. I find that the more relaxed I feel, the more likely I am to sleep. Hope the same is true of you, and that you are now very, very relaxed 😉

  5. Hi Gilly,

    Flimsy curtains are awful. If you do adopt the bin liners as a ‘blind’, always have a decent roll or two of sellotape in your bag, or luggage, if you’re not in the UK. It saves you relying on the audacity of hope to find some. Wherever you are, you’ll get through plenty. Some white tack might be helpful too, but do carry it in hold luggage if travelling abroad. BTW, a bin liners is also useful as an emergency rain cape; not perfect, but quite helpful.

    Today has been better as a bit of warmth returned. After a late-ish start this morning we’ve all been feeling a bit brighter. In the afternoon I got some washing out when the skies cleared. Now, at this time of night , 21.20 I had better get the washing indoors.



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