Why would anyone want to set up a blog in mid 2013 and all that time leave it blank? A blog devoid of media, blank of blogs, blank, blank, blank. Beats me, why bother?

It makes a change from getting pseudo friends invitations; the blank variety are not offering anything. But, then, how can you have a friendship with zilch; perhaps in that way, it is more up front than the other variety. Just the same, as I would not accept any apparently commercial invitation, (I would it report as inappropriate and delete it) I would not respond to a blank one either. You never know what you would be hitching yourself up to.


0 thoughts on “PRECARIOUS HITCHES.

  1. We live in a strange time where everything ends as silted, as eaten by the desert. Money eats the poor, pub and scams desertified blogs, culture disappears submerged … Where will we?

  2. Hi Gillyk,

    I just said to Bushka that I feel this site is getting heavily loaded with invitations from those with malintent. I therefore, fervently hope that those less knowing will be forewarned.

  3. It’s like that during all the week.

    Sunday is the only day all these intruders are sleeping.

    We try to regroup at certain time, but numbers of bloggers get discouraged and give up…

  4. Salut Zalandeau!

    Jai’ cliquee sur la link pour et j’ai vue ce lui que tu descrivee. Il est horrible. Tout as changee ici plus ou moins le meme. C’est pour cette raison que beaucoup des bloggers sinceres ils sont disparu de la site. Les autres sont frustre avec le genre et la quantite des les avertisement. Par consequent ils a lui quittee, ou ils ne visite pas souvent.

    Malhereusement, il n ya pas beaucoup d’autres bloggers authentique, pas comme avant, qui vienents nous se joindre.

    I agree with you points about a change or loss of identity.

  5. If it is globalisation on blog, it is a very strange type of globalisation.

    I see what is happening as a permitted abuse of the facility by the administrators. A large proportion of non-bloggers pay for pro status,which relaxes the restrictions them.

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