Two friends with whom our families have grown up, are selling up and leaving the area. In one case it is primarily for work, though it will be an easier place for family to travel to, to meet up. The other friends want to be nearer transport links to family.  In both cases the children do not want to travel to a remote place – it’s not easy to get here – as many hours are spent on trains and buses, not ideal for a weekend trip.  When they are home for longer none of their friends are here; the ones they went to nursery with; then primary school and high school.  They’ve all moved on. I recognise this too, as I hear the same thing from sprog.  It hurts.  

This has been a lovely region of the country in which to bring up children, to give them freedom to play out, to have stop-overs, to go for walks with their friends, join in group activities,  and to learn all sorts of extra-curricular skills from the talented people who have lived here.  The children – now adults – are educationally and socially well-equipped and have moved on and out into the world.   I accept that is how it should be. We as parents have provided as best we can for our children’s futures, together with the teachers and a supportive community.

All that said, it grieves me to see friends disappear who have provided special links with a very important chunk of my life and my family life. It feels like I am losing close relatives.


9 thoughts on “IT HURTS

  1. You’re so right. Friends are a very important part of life, and in many ways, they are our family by chose. But it is also very natural for these great changes to occur as the children grow up. In most of the world, there is a move from the country to the city. In my personal case, all my children chose to leave the city for the country. But of course, it’s all that much harder when they move to far away places…

    • Hello Shimon,

      Thank you for your kind words. As you say, often our friends are proxy family which, we ourselves choose and sometimes circumstances help us to connect. ‘Far away places,’ (some of them) wouldn’t seem such a chasm if transport was better appointed.

  2. Oh, how very sad, it’s a shame isn’t it when good friends move away. I hope you all manage to keep in touch though. I love the blue flowers in that lovely vase, how very

    • Hello Snowbird,

      It is all the sadder because the two friends said nothing about their proposed moves till they needed to avoid the information coming through ‘the grapevine’. There’s a lot to think about when moving, and people have to adjust to it themselves. Still, I wish….

      The flowers are Californian bluebells. I love them. The vase was made by my brother. He’ll be chuffed to hear of your comment.

  3. Yes, I know how this feels – even in temporary places where we have lived in, friends are very important because they connect us to our past and are part of our identity.

      • Certainly do, and for some time. Good friendships are treasure and eventually we discover they can last despite distance. I hope that’s true for you too.

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