Whoever kidnapped the three Israeli teenagers in Hebron and murdered them had every intention of setting off a ‘perfect storm,’ whatever the repercussions. The kidnappers appear to have coldly calculated that it was worth it, to foment trouble on a grand scale. Irrespective of the awfulness of what had happened, the spokesman for the family, an uncle, was supremely considered in his pleas for no more killings. To paraphrase him, he believed no religion tells you to murder in its name. How I and countless others wish his words had been heard and abided by.

However, repercussions there have been. During protests against Israeli authority in Gaza, a boy, Muhammad Durin was killed.

Following the murder of the three Israeli boys, an Arab boy, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, was abducted and murdered in what appears to be a reprisal action. Repercussions upon repercussion continue as I write this post. Israeli politicians have denounced the reprisal attack as strongly as they denounced the original three murders that set off the train of events. As if there was was not enough grief, Muhammad Abu Khdeir’s cousin was detained by the police and sported the physical signs of it.

It has been announced by the Israeli police that there have been several arrests of Israeli citizens in connection with the murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir; the conundrum remains that no-one has been detained for the murder of the three Israeli boys.

The foment has been stirred into violence from the ground up, just as had been intended by the attack on and killings of the three Israeli teenagers.

An Israeli friend posted the following, after the discovery of the the bodies of the Israeli teenagers and before the abduction and murder of the Arab boy.

“Many other kids from both sides have paid the price of ancestral crimes and I really hope that they and the boy Muhammad Durin that was killed in a protest last week are the last in a very long list of unnecessary victims…”

This says everything I want to say, more eloquently than I could say it. I wish it had been the last word on the awful killings; I fervently wish it will be.



  1. I wouldn’t want to offend you, my dear menhir. But I am right now writing something further on the subject. I will probably post it tomorrow. But I agree with your thesis. I’m just amazed I didn’t realize it when it happened. That’s also something I wanted to write about.

    • This is an awful situation,Shimon and sadly, not for the first time. Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it cannot be easy when you are in the middle of this and constantly on the alert.

      Perhaps your enigmatic words will become clearer when I read what you write.

    • The whole of the Middle-East appears to be erupting, and Eastern Europe, Snowbird. It is a constant ‘bombardment’ of awful news. Getting perspective is nigh impossible.

  2. Indeed, GillyK. There are many people who do not want what is being forced upon them by the unilateral aggressive actions of others, who at all costs, must remain in the limelight. Adjectives like, bigots and extremists don’t describe what they are, or, what they are causing to be done.

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