P1030066 South Bank Greek Cultural Event

It’s  August 2006 in London UK.  On a warm sunny weekend day the South Bank is busy with cultural festivals, meandering tourists, visitors to the Tate Modern, and The Globe. The River Thames, often referred to as the life blood of the Capital City, is alive with tour boats, boat buses and there are kayaks, which, at first, are moving fast in  a two lines formation, oars -in-out, tidily in together. They shift their positions  on the water and  move on, keeping up their speed. Kayaks On The Thames

 The Gherkin + River Thames From Tate Modern











It looks like the biggest draw for those of us on foot is The Millennium Bridge, It has connected up the old  City of London to the rest of the throbbing cultural metropolis, it has breathed life into a part of the square mile that is the Old City Of London, where it used to be sleeping once the business of the day had ended. As you cross The Thames towards the majestic sight of St Paul’s Cathedral, you can also take in the views up and down the waterway. Returning, you will see The Tate Modern Gallery,(from where this picture was taken) you could  also catch sight of The Globe Theatre. There is always so much to see whichever direction you are moving in.

Here on The South Bank you meet buskers, Greek musicians of quality,  who are here because of the celebration of their culture. I stop to listen and record a few phrases of their music. They tell me they are staying in North London (where there are large Greek and Cypriot communities). They earn their living playing music at night in some of the Greek restaurants in London.

P1030092 Busking On Sth Bank

I take pictures as I wander over the Millennium Bridge; the tide is out.  The Gherkin appeals to me, I love its clever  elegant shape, the colour of the glass and it’s design. It breaks into the utilitarian lumps of angular concrete of the buildings clustered around it, buildings which I think are not sympathetic to the Neo-Classical structures nearby them.  I never tire of the Gherkin. Eight years on, the skyline has altered with the development of more new fantastic architecture, slotted in and very visible from the vantage points from which I took these pictures in 2006.  London never stays still.

 Tide's Out P1030075 Skyline From South Bank London

It’s been a really good day, it’s time to go.

P1030064 Central Line Underground Train



  1. What a wonderful post, a real snapshot of London in the summer, so many super pics too….sounds like a marvelous day out. I miss London, but the train fares cost an arm and a leg and driving is terrible due to traffic

  2. Thank you Snowbird for your kind words. It was a super day out, I kept on seeing so many unexpected and varied activities……and the sky line speaks for itself.

    It is very expensive to travel on UK trains, then add to it the cost of accommodation and local travel. A car is best left parked well outside the central areas, if using one. But hey! I love and miss London, for all that. Xxx

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