Mulling over the future prospects of the children the conversation went as follows:

Mum: Pippa, my eldest…she’s 15…. she’s very average; she’s doing alright, but she’s average. She gave up the idea of becoming a pharmacist when she found she did not like chemistry and when someone said pharmacy could be a matter of life and death. Pippa said she couldn’t be responsible for that! She’s ever so good with children though. Maybe she’ll think about nursing, though I think in nursing there are a lot more life and death decisions.

My youngest, she’s different to her sister, she is okay and is really good with numbers. I think she should become an Accurist.

Instructions for keeping well, which should be read and understood before using snipe nosed pliers.



0 thoughts on “THE JOYS OF LANGUAGE

  1. Hi Bushka,

    Try pressing ctrl + (the plus sign press simultaneously with ctrl) to enlarge what is on the screen, if you’re using a Microsoft PC. If Apple, press cmd + . I tried it with my computer and it worked. You will probably have to do it three times, or more, to get it to a size that suits your vision. I
    posted the instructions on the largest blog allows. Hope it works for you. Otherwise, let me know and I’ll give you another link for it.

  2. Hi Lillian1,

    YES! I was the person being spoken to. The acting profession would have been proud of my continued restraint to the end of the conversation. I giggled safely in the privacy of my own home.

    It is interesting how a known noun gains an alternative, though unexpected use. 🙂

  3. Great news Bushka, glad you were able to enlarge the ‘advice’ to keep well.

    Apropos the picture, on BCUK it was a fuzzy one, making it difficult to read without enlarging, which, itself, added to the lack of clarity but, just about made the instructions readable. On other sites where I posted the picture is clear.

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