Weird, according to blog I had eight unread posts. As a rule unread posts are fairly recent. One was recent and I had read it, but not marked it as read. The other seven posts were many years old and all from one blogger!

At home, if I forget to click the ‘Delete Off Server’ button when I delete an email, I will get a download of any copies of emails that have been left on the server a bit too long. They are though, of recent time, say three months, not years old like those ‘unread’ blog posts.

Do you think the regurgitation of very, very old posts is a sign that blog is suffering with reflux to add to its woes ❓


0 thoughts on “WEIRD

  1. This is just a badly-run, badly-maintained and badly-managed site up with which we put 😉 … for the sake of staying in touch with good blogbuddies made over the years. :**:

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