Give Us A Break -Top Posts And Top Blogs Are Not

I have absolutely nothing against blogs and posts from over the pond, they can be very entertaining. I do have angst about all  the so-called ‘top blogs,’  and about all the so-called ‘top posts’  on Word Press (WP) which are given a  link to visit.  Those posts and blogs are generally not particularly special or outstanding. They all appear to be from one English-speaking continent. The Americas are not the only land masses on this planet with people who communicate in the English language.  There are a lot of people who have great writing talent, which is of interest to a whole swathe of people who live in the Americas and elsewhere around the globe.  It is unlikely I  would see anything of the same calibre being recommended (or should I say given the heads up) on the ‘top’ listings picked out  on this site by…. whom, and why?

Looking around  on this site over the years,  insofar as is possible,  reveals little of other activity to explore.  Either I am missing a trick or, WP is as it looks, rather impenetrable. It would be really good if it were possible to access other bloggers more easily. Surely there could be a system installed that would make it  possible to be a more straightforward socially interactive site.


6 thoughts on “Give Us A Break -Top Posts And Top Blogs Are Not

  1. I have a very strong instinct against being told what are ‘top’ – I am more than capable of deciding that for myself – especially when the so-called ‘choices’ appear to be random!

  2. Hi Gilly,

    Like you, I am inclined to believe in the randomness of the recommendations of ‘best/top’ blogs. I also have a question about it too. Though randomly selected, could these be bloggers who financially subscribe?

    I’m still trying to seek a way through the maze to find a source of people who post and who do more than respond by pressing buttons. Am I aiming too high!

  3. Oh I agree with the TOP bloggers thing, everyone has their own preference and as you say a lot of the top blogs as they are called are nothing very special. I ended up getting my own site after the experience, at least I can now control exactly what goes onto it.And what is it with the button pressing, surely if you like something you say so in a comment!xxx

  4. I would totally agree with you …FB and button pressing have a lot to answer for. Confusion about interaction ensues as a consequence.

    Controlling what goes through a blog is very good. It is nice though, to develop a flow through, which I find difficult to begin to find on WP. It was slow-ish on Blogger, however, there was a method to do it that does not apply here, thus far.


    • Hi free,
      You express a general point of view. However, you have found my blog here and some of the other people you know. Our platforms may launch you to some others.


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