Food For Thought -The Scottish Indepence Referendum-To Be Or Not To Be

We do have Public Holidays in Scotland but the recent late August Bank Holiday is an English one. Scotland fixes a late Summer holiday weekend at the beginning of August. Public holidays in Scotland tend to tie in with local culture, norms and traditions.

Earlier this week I found myself in a bar/restaurant in Inverness, the Capital City of The Highlands Of Scotland. The restaurant was one of a major chain networked throughout the United Kingdom.

Although we arrived early enough for the weekday meal offer, customers were told that there was no special meal deal (two meals for £10) because it was a Bank Holiday. A Bank Holiday – whose Bank Holiday!?

The Barman, through whom I placed my food order, thought that over time the late August holiday had crept in, in some places as an addition and in others, as a replacement for the earlier one Scotland traditionally has.

What” says I, “do you think will happen to the Bank Holidays in the event of a ‘yes’ vote for Scottish Independence?

Him- quick as a flash ” There probably won’t be any!”……… :>

The barman then talked about his view of the impending referendum and told me how he would be voting.

The Independence Vote has engaged all age groups of the population in Scotland and born Scots, who, for whatever reason are out of the country and who are gnashing their teeth because they are not allowed to participate in the vote. (You have to have been living in Scotland for six months prior and be registered to take part).

Even people waiting at bus stops in Edinburgh got chatting to each other, bouncing off thoughts and ideas about the referendum. All of them were keen to know and to get to hear for themselves, what populations in other parts of Scotland might vote for. One woman was surprised to hear there were no regular political meetings where I live ‘on the periphery of civilisation’. One Member Of The Scottish Parliament (MSP) had put himself out to visit when I happened to be elsewhere, I explained. He deserves a lot of Brownie points for making the effort that no-one else in the Scottish Parliament has considered emulating.


0 thoughts on “Food For Thought -The Scottish Indepence Referendum-To Be Or Not To Be

  1. Often that kind of meal is just fuel, which it was for us, as we had an onward journey. We do use similar eateries in these circumstances when the occasion arises; dealing with meals orders is always functional. It was therefore, quite an interesting and light-hearted interchange with the barman which lifted the ‘usual’ into personal customer service.


  2. …even with pasta. You know what, KateM that is a comment I frequently make. On occasion when having to eat out, say in a Befeater place, if I choose a pasta dish and am offered chips with it, my reply is firm…not with pasta, thank you. Not to be defeated, the chips brigade then offer me an alternative of a baked potato. The discussion then gets a bit like the flow of ‘there’s a hole in my bucket,’ till they get to a chip-less salad.

    Mind you, I really do not know what is the more preferable, chips with everything or a battered and fried Mars Bar!

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. I feel like giving them a lecture about carbohydrates,protein and fat but I fear it would be pointless!In the hospital with chest pain I was given steak and kidney pie which tasted just like those tinned ones I ate in my youth… disgusting… plus chips of course.
    I’ll just have an unfried Mars bar,I think!

  4. Erm…

    When hubby was studying in London in the early 1970’s, he was allowed to stay in the college halls for the first year of his course. He was a Scottish student, therefore deemed to be a foreigner and was required to find alternative accommodation in his second year of studies. In many ways, not a lot has changed on that subtle front. As a Londoner I was aware of it when I lived in my home town and I still am aware of it. Not all that is said is voiced with tongue-in-cheek.

    I think people in the North Of England were and are less veiled; to them, people of the UK are people of the UK. There is a bit of banter I have heard here in Scotland, which states that people from Newcastle are died in the wool Scots. I reckon there’s a back-handed compliment there and other subtle relationship truths.

    We will all have to wait till the 19th September, or longer, to see how the referendum pans out.

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