We’ve got a gift hubby said. We don ‘t get post on a Sunday nor any other kind of package or parcel deliveries.  They arrive only on weekdays.

So I said………Ooh, have we, where is it?

It’s in the garden, said hubby.

Where, I asked?

By the fence, look……

Right enough, almost camouflaged with all the greenery, was a small bunch of carrots, freshly picked by the farmer, our neighbour.  She has a good throwing technique, over a 6 feet chain link fence where the carrots, untied, made a soft landing and all together.





4 thoughts on “CARROTS

  1. I’m looking forward to eating the carrots. A cabbage, which recently arrived the same way, though was on the grass some distance from the fence,was really good too.

    As you say, a good aim and I would add, strong arms. A lovely gift; It is such a nice thing to do. xx

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