We’ve got a gift hubby said. We don ‘t get post on a Sunday nor any other kind of package or parcel deliveries. They arrive only on weekdays.

So I said………Ooh, have we, where is it?

It’s in the garden, said hubby.

Where, I asked?

By the fence, look……

Right enough, almost camouflaged with all the greenery, was a small bunch of carrots, freshly picked by the farmer, our neighbour. She has a good throwing technique, over a 6 feet chain link fence where the carrots, untied, made a soft landing and all together.


0 thoughts on “CARROTS

  1. Hi Gillyk,

    Agreed….haven’t eaten them yet though. I had already prepared some other carrots for our evening meal. I’ll bet they’ll be lovely and crunchy when we do get our teeth in the carrots!

  2. Hi Kate M,

    Funny you should say that: the first carrot was used for a salad. There was so much of it, substantial rather than long, I had enough to be able to grate some of it in to a home made coleslaw.

    There are three carrots left. I think they will go a long way.

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