This site behaves really oddly  when trying to write a post with various interesting elements of punctuation, using my tablet pad. I watch the gremlins grab the cursor each time  quotes marks, or, parentheses are wanted.  It is fascinating seeing the cursor jump from the point I have placed it at and somersault back to a point it was previously at. (Grrrr).

Could I place single quotes either end of a word once I’d passed it….no I could not.  The cursor was determined to quickly sidle up to the spot where it had been before to create a doppleganger.  There I was with two single quotes togther. Sure they looked like great buddies,  even if they were not what I wanted. Under my breath I said ‘shove off’ except that is not exactly what I meant.

There are other cursor quicksteps, they don ‘t happen when  I am writing in other programmes, just when trying to post on WordPress with the tablet pad.  It is odd and really irritating.  On balance though, going for a digital dance when it matters even if it is a nuisance , is probably better than the words freezing up.  If, therefore, you notice a few punctuation marks out of place, a space or two where they are excess to requirements,  you will know why.  Metaphorically speaking, my script has been going off the rails!


6 thoughts on “OFF THE RAILS

  1. Well I say hat’s off to you for even being able to use the tablet, I have given up on it, every time I touch anything things grow larger, scroll down, go off, get smaller…..struth it shreds me nerves it does! Here’s to you mastering the darn thing!!!xxx

  2. ‘Mastering,’ Snowbird, now there’s a compliment. I’m replying to you via my desktop. I really got intolerant with the combination of WPress and tablet pad shenanigans. There are quotes available from the text posting box, however, I dread to think what might eventuate if I tried using them in conjunction with the pad.

    I really do not get the Barn Dance when word processing on other blog sites, or, in other programmes when I use the pad. It seems to be an exclusive WordPress irritation.

    My intention was to post about nuisance responses to my recent post about best blogs not being best, which, Askitmet is not filtering. As you see I got totally sidetracked by bouncing punctuation and dancing cursors. 🙂


  3. Hi Gilly,

    Erm, no, is the answer to the question; I am not sure how you communicate with the ‘high hijans’ on this site. I recently threw in the towel while trying to write a post using the tablet pad. Effectively, the word processor crashed on the pad, everything froze. Thankfully, freezing doesn’t happen too often.

    • LOL … What a great turn of thought, Shimon. A definite ‘yes’ to that. Siri is really not too bright a linguist which, creates even more muddle. There may come a time when our brains will have to be de-tuned to be frequently communicating with robots.

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