am going to give up on dressing myself in summer clothes. By about two o’clock this afternoon I had completely changed my outfit.

Almost as soon as I had finished dressing this morning, my cotton top with elbow length sleeves was hidden by my fleece. For added warmth I zipped it up. My twenty-seven inches of skirt did quite a good job as far as it went, however, from below my bare knees to my toes I developed purple skin and goose bumps. Not nice. An hour later I gave in, put on a pair of tights and slipped my feet back into my open sandals.

The sandals were not, I decided, the best footwear for a walk. Why not then, change into a pair of shoes and a longer skirt- ankle length would do – to give added warmth. So, that is what I did. The sleeveless quilted zip top over my fleece finished off the outfit.

The weather had other ideas as I saw when I stepped outside. In the near distance a haa headed in my direction and I felt a light spray on my face. My washing! I dived back into the house and out to the garden to unpeg my very damp laundry.

Rotary Line + laundry

Time for another change of clothing; this time I put on a hat, my gilet was replaced with a warm coat and I wore a pair of gloves. We had a lovely and slightly circuitous walk into town through Scotch Mist, passing by fairy circles, which we saw on the communal green. The toes of my shoes got a bit wet on the grass….it really did not matter. My feet were warm and dry and so was I.


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