Hi everyone,

Due to the continuing number of nuisance mails I have been getting since posting a particular post about so-called top blogs, I have switched on comment approval for the very first time since I have  posted on WordPress.   I hope it will become unnecessary in the longer term to approve comments.  Meantime, I hope you won’t notice much difference, other than a little delay in comments appearing.

Thank you to one and all. xx



6 thoughts on “APPROVALS

    • Hi Shimon,

      Shalom, I wish you and your family sweet things and my very best wishes for Rosh Hashannah.

      Nuisance mails are a blight of internet and global communications.

  1. Hi Snowbird,

    I hope that will be so. Approvals still require me to asess a commenters validity; we’ll just have to hope the nuisance will peter out sooner rather than later. Xxx

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