I have to admit it can be enormous fun overhearing conversations. Believe me though, I do not make a point of ear-wigging, but, as we all know, there are times when it is just impossible not to hear.

I was in a local pharmacy. There were good displays of decorative nick-knacks, cosmetics stands, perfumery, hair products and all the sundry first-aid items you would expect. Near the service counter there were two or three baskets with reduced stock, (close to date) just right for pocket-money birthday gift buying for granny. Mum was doing grown-up shopping while her two youngsters were making their selections. After lots of exploration and excited chatter they showed mum their choices.

G-l-y-c-e-r-i-n-e, and …. what’s that mum?

She peered at the label and read the rest of it.

What does it do?

It hydrates the skin, said mum.

Oh….. ?

It will make granny’s skin big, mum said.

Just like mumps!

0 thoughts on “BIG SKIN

  1. The perception of youngsters is really interesting – I guess he was about seven. But, you know Bushka, with mum saying that it wouldn’t give granny mumps he wanted to know a lot more about ‘hydrate’.

  2. Hello,Mwnhir
    I am a bit like that despite not being a child!I suppose if they are secure they will say what comes to mind easily.. not afraid of censure and also they notice things which we don’t being wrapped up on our own thoughts,duties and worries often…as we’ve been here all summer I stay contented by looking more intensely at what is here… more than we can perceive in a moment.

  3. Yes…philosophical thought and insight colour our individual worlds, large or small, so by, offering the chance to fulfill our time and give us great questions to ask those around us.

    Children have an uncluttered experiential view of life and what they say or ask can also be fascinating, amusing and give us insights into their thinking processes.

  4. I think it is very good if we can be with people of different ages as they all offer us different perspectives;children are the best as many working adults are too busy to even think sometimes.But even when disabled there is much richness and sometimes I pretend I am a child when I go for a walk.I pretend I’ve never seen the church and the beautiful buildings and trees before and perceive with a child’s eye.They are pushed to be adult but we can learn by being childlike..
    Actually it says in the Bible,I just recalled,
    Unless ye become as little children,ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

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