At a local interest group I try to get to, the task in hand was for each of us to present a short exposition of something we might liked to have done, or something we had done, followed by questions from the group.  As I had missed a couple of meetings I felt I ought to show my face for this one. What to do for it was the issue. I thought of a couple of clever ideas, ideas that were just a bit too clever. I urged myself to keep it simple and drew a blank.

On the morning of the meeting I thought to talk about walking the wall around the old city of Jerusalem, illustrating the talk with pictures uploaded onto my tablet computer. First task was to find a set of useful photos. As I rooted around my computer files, I found a really diverse set of photos of a visit to Masada, which, at that moment generated great memories. As Masada serendipitously presented itself, Masada was what I would talk about.

The Winding Path To + From Masada

After filtering the photos to a sensible number, I then got on with the task of researching a bit of  information for a personal commentary and also some written background within the length of a succinct blog post.

Masada Cable Car-Winding Path+ A Roman Encampment (far left)

In the middle of the preparation for my talk, I was having a conversation with someone at the electricity company. Those calls are never simple, and this one was no different. Some long time later, I was back to the presentation.  Time!  I had twenty minutes to get myself ready and to get copies of the document off the computer.  Whatever mistakes there were would just have to be….no time to proof-read, edit, etc, nor to have lunch. eeek!! I grabbed a ripe pear and dashed out of the house.


I arrived ten minutes after everyone else, though, as I was not expected I was greeted as a long lost friend. Having offered my efforts, my contribution was second. The talk went well, everyone was pleased to receive the typed presentation blurb, even with a few typing errors. My pictures of Masada and The Dead Sea were poured over, slowly, many questions were raised and I was asked what camera I used!  Anyway,  by the time my topic ended it was time for tea.

Gazing At The Dead Sea At Sunset (not me)


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