I read that Royal Mail ‘International Economy Mail’ for for post of a weight up to 20g and specified small measurements was 81p.

A quick bit of mental arithmetic immediately told me that I might save a whopping 16p per item on the 97p ‘Standard’ International Mail. Read on…

If I was not in a hurry for mail to arrive, it would be at destination within two weeks. At the end of November 2014, there was plenty of time for my international Christmas mail to go Economy class.

This was getting quite exciting…… (in a post-ish sort of way)

I scrolled down the page where I found an invitation to print my own stamps at ‘no more cost than it would be at a Post Office counter’.

Now that was definitely rather far fetched. I would be using my printer ink; my paper; my labels; all at my cost, and I would pay the full up postage costs. Also, I would still have to physically post the mail into a mail box either outside the Post Office, or, a mail box at the Sorting Office, equidistant in the opposite direction. It definitely was not difficult to decline the invitation to be my own post mistress. Anyway, I rather like having a fully functioning Post Office to take my business to.

Scrolling down a bit further I was invited to click for further guidance;

International Economy Mail is the smart new name for what we used to know as Surface Mail – Enlightenment dawned; that’s why using this posting method would take some time to get there, but that’s okay, time is on my side.

Uh oh. The definition for ‘International’ is lots of places on the map except the land mass we know as Western Europe.

Except Western Europe !!!!

So, Folks, it’s great news if your mail is going mostly anywhere but in Western Europe. If your mail is going west, your extra pennies will go with it at a minimum of 97p per letter, up to maximum weight of 20g and within specified quite small measurements.

Bah! Humbug.


  1. Oh thanks Bushka. Why on earth did I get an almost blank page up apart from the words that said ‘this post is for friends only’? It beats me.

    And yes the wiles of business is a neat way of putting it.


  2. :)) Tu as raison.

    Hello Zalandeau,

    There are two domestic prices for a letter up to 20g max aussie dans certain petits dimensions, si non, en payer pour une grande lettre, ce qui est beaucoup plus cher. Pour envoyer un lettre etranger il ya seulement une classe et une prix mais il faut etre dans les dimensions et le poid prescrit, (diminutive), ou, le lettre deviens plus cher ou, deviens un paquet or autre chose en ce qui depenser plus monnai.

  3. Cela devient de plus en plus compliqu√© au Royaume uni au niveau de la poste…

    Chez nous c’est la SNCF (trains) qui d√©raille compl√®tement avec les tarifs, prenant ainsi les passagers en otage.

    Ils nous appellent les “usagers” ce qui signifie “ceux qui ont l’usage”, ou “ceux qui utilisent”…

    Mais usag√© signifie √©galement us√© et vraiment nous sommes us√©s par les imb√©cilit√©s invent√©es par les “ENArques” (ENA : Ecole Nationale d’Administration)…

  4. Absolutement, je suis totalement d’accord avec ces sentiments. Nous sommes un part d’un un gros manipulation d’administrations diverses, et toujours ils prends plus de les poches des les plus pauvres dans nos societee. Ils introduire autres niveaux des pauvres avec chaque change inventee.

  5. Cette politique mondiale d’appauvrissement des pauvres ne profite pas √† l’√©conomie, car elle r√©duit la consommation d’une partie de la population…

  6. Exactement! Il ya beaucoup des discours sur la meme point ici en la par de la media politique et economique, et en plus des independent experts. Combien plus c’est possible de prende de celui sans rien….

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