My eyes were fixed to the task in hand, cutting gift paper to wrap up the surprise packages for Christmas.  I roughly measured up a square packet.  It was a suit cover for hubby that I bought some time ago.

I turned over the packet, label up and read…..“Travel or dust cover suitable for long dresses”.

Whew!  That was fortuitous. Even a kilt would not match the description of  ‘a long dress’.  It looks like hubby’s loss is my gain.   Now then, where to find a long dress; maybe  there’s a silver lining after all!

4 thoughts on “MAY BE A KILT OR A DRESS

    • Yes indeedy, Snowbird. 🙂

      A new long frock, now there’s a thought. Mind you, it would be very much safer for me to effect great influence in such a purchase. ‘Third party’ views often do not suit me or my tastes,

  1. Hi Gill,

    I do have a couple of long robes which get dusted down for the occasional wedding or other similar celebration, (while I can still decently get into them and they suit). One could use a cover.

    As for local ministers; 🙂 if there is another occasion, there is a lady who is only seen in public with capacious long black culottes. What she does for church services must include some other long extras over the top of those.

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