Due to being inundated with [non] responses from responders who all were attached to another media site I am checking the you-know-what box to ensure that good stuff is not being automatically being mis-directed. Santa’s elves must have been having mischievous field days finding the I.T gateways so easy to pass through. There could have been a lot of disgruntled bloggers on this site who have had to sort out the corn from the chaff, so-to-speak.



  1. 🙄 There does seem to be an inordinate influx of (non)responses in various places. Most not too difficult to ID! Hopefully, the gremlins will have decamped with Santa. Bit of a ‘bother’…..Have a Good New Year! Hugs! :wave:

  2. Hi Bushka,

    I shall have to dig your connection out of the box it should not be in. Everything sent to it is now automatically re-directed, for now. (I found your comment on site).

    Have a really good 2015! XX and a hug. 🙂

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