First posting came up for friends only – apologies if this posts twice!

Due to being inundated with [non] responses from responders who all were attached to another media site I am checking the you-know-what box to ensure that good stuff is not being automatically being mis-directed. Santa’s elves must have been having mischievous field days finding the I.T gateways so easy to pass through. There could have been a lot of disgruntled bloggers on this site who have had to sort out the corn from the chaff, so-to-speak.


  1. I’ve complained to the blog team who say that the spammers took over when they were on ‘reduced staff’ over Christmas and new year, that they have been working hard to reduce them and that we should all moderate our comments so as to prevent them. However, as I pointed out, that is not the point.

    Nice to see you back, by the way – hope Christmas and New Year were kind to you.

  2. I replied to your other posting, quite right!

    It’s always the bloggers fault/responsibility; you name it, it is landed at our feet. BCUK do not accept that they have administrative responsibility to keep their site users as safe as possible by closing the gates on mis-users and abusers of I.T. Their I.T incompetence is breathtaking.

    The Seasonal festivities were fascinating to watch elsewhere than at home. We were very constructively busy.

    It sounds like you had a lovely time. Happy and healthy 2015 to you and yours!

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