Yay,Yay! Whew…

I’m in!!!  (She wipes her brow).  I found so many different pages for WordPress I was beginning to think I was ‘filtered’ out.  Why?  You might well ask.

Well, I formatted my computer hard disk.   A walk, even in the snow storms that rushed through would at times seemed preferable to the job in hand;  but, hey, you can’t have everything. You either start a job that takes hours of your life with intentions to finish it,or, ………………..on second thoughts, just don’t go there.  Notwithstanding, it was one of those jobs that could not be put off any longer.

Cyl pots-Bambi f

When I plugged  it in, in the New Year and switched on the computer after its two weeks’ holiday,  it threw more wobblies than usual.  Also, it was behaving as if it was having mini heart attacks.  A hard disk diagnosis said the disk was unrepairable.  I had seen all sorts of red lines whizz through and  there were phrases like ‘broken link/s’ galloping in front of my eyes.  So, for good measure, I told the system to check its heart again. The second time it whirled through the whole process and gave the disk a good bill of health.  You would think, therefore, that was that.  Well….not quite.  I couldn’t put my finger precisely on it, however, there was something not quite right about how the computer was running.

I bought an external drive to make extra backups and also to create a boot-up disk.  And that friends, is why I have been stuck in front of my computer most of today, holding my breath during the hard disk erase; the start up; losing; finding and restoring things.  Major bits of software and a printer are not yet on board. I am still reconfiguring my system and what is called my ‘workflow’, (it sounds good).

There’s lots more to do, but,my computer is beginning to look and feel like it should.

The temperature is dropping to -7 Celsius outside.



4 thoughts on “Yay,Yay! Whew…

  1. Yep, you’re right about hard on the nerves. I am not best impressed with the operating system and am thinking now about reverting to the previous one, which is still supported. It might mean doing more of the same……perish the thought.

  2. That would, without a doubt be my worst nightmare being a total technophobe!!!! I’m so glad all is well, I was laughing at your descriptions of the computer, especially it having heart attacks!
    What a sweet little pot to put paint brushes in…..and I certainly would have prefered hikes in the snow and wind rather than repair computers! -7?????? she says shuddering!!!!xxx

    • Hi Snowbird,

      It is a nightmare, erasing and restoring things on a computer. I’m finding it worse because there are lots of deep system things I am not familiar with, as well as not having linguistic expertise with the operating system. I was more conversant with Microsoft, but gave up on them after years and years, taking a leap of faith into an unknown.

      I’m getting there -I hope – there’s some snagging left to do.

      The pot is nice…courtesy of bro.


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