We are exhorted in endless ways to be security conscious, are we not? …YES WE ARE.

Don’t do this, don’t answer that, we won’t  phone you, we shall never ask you anything personal etc. etc.

I received a phone call. The guy asked for me by my surname, introduced himself with a first name and told me he was phoning about an issue I had raised about [nameless] bank. So that we could discuss the matter he would first need to go through security with me; so saying, he launched into the first (and last) personal question .

Giving me a first name was not sufficient for me, though he evidently thought it was.

No, he couldn’t tell me anything more without going through security with me. And, if I was refusing to clear security with him then he could not give me any information.

One sided security here, ringing all the alarm bells. If  the call was being recorded, I wanted it to be recorded that this call was unsatisfactory. Like a good girl, I was keeping to the security rules and keeping mine safe. Surely, for his part to confirm his status to me, information could be given about when the issue was raised at least and perhaps who may have dealt with any call relating to it. (Those were my questions).

The answer: you’ve probably guessed it – not without me going through the [ bank’s] security, with which, given the nature of the call, I was not going to oblige. Obviously tetchy, he said, in that case he would have to write to me.

I offered to phone him. Yes, I could have a number to call him on but, (there’s always a but isn’t there) ” I am between two floors and you might not get me.”
I await a letter.


2 thoughts on “NOT ENOUGH SECURITY

  1. You made me smile, and I wanted to comment on the UK version of this post, telling you how much I enjoyed your giving them a taste of their own medicine… but no matter what sort of information I gave, they wouldn’t recognize me. Liked the post, Menhir.

    • Hi Shimon,

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad you smiled.

      I felt the caller, who was so smooth – he’d done this type of call many times I am sure – needed to be checked and stopped. It’s not how I do this sort of business.

      I am puzzled by the difficulty you have entering to commenting on the UK site. I think it might be an I.D. setting on WP. I have mine set here and on the other site to ‘open I.D’ Other than this, I have no other ideas. If I learn anything more, I will let you know. Anyway, I can benefit from your visits here.

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