Why do head office administrators of shops to which I give my custom feel they have the freedom  to use my custom to bombard me with services I do not want.  Where I live choices are very limited and you have to operate with what is available.  We have three chain stores. None ‘super’ by today’s supermarket standards elsewhere.  Bar this limitation, I would demonstrate my displeasure with this chain by voting with my feet.

I can live with getting information on special offers in store. I can live with finding non food items in a small general food store, such as small electrical goods, socks for kids and  men. There are ladies tights, oh, and refrigerators.  When in need, it is surprising how useful these things  can be, especially when other little local shops are closed.   As a matter of fact, I do not mind receiving emails of whatever the week’s offers might be in the shop.  However, I do balk at getting emails by the retailer asking me to allow the retailer to make my last will and testament!

Two services for which we do have a sufficiency of choice are, solicitors and funeral directors.


2 thoughts on “THE RETAILER’S END GAME

  1. I believe these services are a matter of fashion. Especially the ‘deals’ these supermarkets offer. Probably the supermarkets in remote areas just copy the deals that are made in the big city, without thinking about the fact that the conditions are very different where you live.

  2. You have it in a nutshell Shimon. Even so, I would not be tempted to use the ministrations of the grocery store or the supermarket for any wishes I may have. My imagination, working overtime, sees a check-out operator tapping in the cost of every element in the clauses of a will that is ordered on the way to the exit!

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