This morning I did the ironing.  Before that, I fought the gale force gusts and pinned laundry on the rotary drying line.  I learned my lesson a long time ago, don’t go chasing the whirly line, grab it and bring it back to me…where I am standing, not quite where the wind doesn’t blow, though in a better place from which to pin up the washed garments.  

P1000003 Washing blowing

The first load did quite well, it is now folded and waiting to be ironed. The second load got pulled in when it looked like serious rain was descending. It soon passed so…………out I went and pinned  up that load again on the rotary drying line.  It’s getting dark, time for  finally rescuing the laundry.

I’ve also been making up parcels this afternoon. February through to early March is a busy time for family birthdays.  I admit it, I am glad the job is done and dusted.   Making up all the birthday parcels in one go is a bit of a marathon; there’s a lot to be said for my habitual pattern of spacing out the task.

The reason for getting all these jobs done, is, I am trying to cover in advance as many tasks as I can, as I am expecting to be a lot less mobile than usual after the end of this week, jut for a short while.  I will be under orders to put my feet up and rest for the first two or three weeks.


With that in mind, I have checked out the laptop computer, which, has not had a great deal of use for a while. It’s now updated and firing on all cylinders. I do prefer a tapping keyboard rather than a digital touch one  on the  tablet computers. The digital touch screen keyboards do not work well at fast typing speeds.  No amount of auto correction sorts out the gaps and gobbledygook that regularly appears.

I’ve got some books waiting to be read; there are a couple of films on DVD I have not yet watched and horror of horrors, I could even get into the habit of watching daytime T.V.  I wonder if that’s enough to keep me glued to a chair. A bit of wriggling about should keep numb bum at bay for some of the time  The doctor said that there is about six weeks recuperative time after the job is done, then, I should be able to stand on my own two feet.




  1. Well I hope whatever it is you’re having done is a huge success, I shall think of you and send lots of good luck. I hope you recuperation is pleasant, reading and films sound marvelous….maybe you could indulge in bird watching and sketching too. I’m glad you have the lappie, I had to rest for weeks after I had a punctured lung and the lappie was a blessing.
    Good to hear you have sorted pressies and washing too….now I hope you have someone to spoil you!xxx

    • Hi snowbird,

      A punctured lung is no joke, glad you got that sorted

      Thanks for your thoughts and wishes. I.m not sure about bird watching, not unless a feathered species or two land on the windowsill I would be facing. Sketching there’s an interesting thought: I haven’t done any for years. It is a notion I might respond to. Spoiling will definitely be on the cards – it’s a no brainer! Xx

  2. I hope it all goes very well and that your recovery, although it may be a bit tedious, is uneventful. My very best wishes, and I’m glad that your typing fingers won’t be affected so that we shall still hear from you.

    • You’re right, GillyK my typing fingers ought to be getting some exercise. Just think, if we were pianists we’d be playing concertos!

      Thanks vor your kind thoughts. It’s the travelling 120 miles home post op that does not appeal. It’s not conducive to following doctor’s orders. Perhaps I should practice putting my feet up on the dashboard. Hm. Maybe that’s just a bit too acrobatic even for me and given that hubby will have to drive as undistracted as possible it might not be ideal.

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I recently started using a tablet so as to lighten my load when traveling, and this meant learning to deal with the virtual keyboard, which seemed an impossibility at first. But stubbornness has its virtues too. After assuring my friends that I would never get used to it, I did manage to learn how to use it. And though it’ll never be an instrument of choice… in certain circumstances, it’s worth it. I do hope you make the best of an uncomfortable situation.

  4. My tablet computer is travelling with me, as you can see by receiving this reply from it. Virtual keyboards have a lot of refining to do, Shimon. I agree, stubborness does go a long way to getting the darn thing to do what you want. Earlier I was completing a form, when I received a copy of it, my name was contracted, my address was disordered and the region was repeated one above the other. Gnashing teeth is the polite description of my reaction. All those errors were not the result of typing speeds. These days, I am controlling the speed at which my fingers can type. Isn’t wonderful that we can grumble about the inventions that were nowhere on the horizon when we were in our youth! It was always thus.

    Thanks for your good wishes Shimon. 🙂

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