Am I the only person who uses a mobility electric scooter in a store, which runs out of steam?  Just as I turned the corner by the stock cubes display the scooter burped to a stop.  That folks was the end of my uninhibited, independent,  browsing and shopping.  A  rather good looking, young-ish, lively store assistant with laughing eyes arrived to help.  Oh dear…. the store had two of these scooters and the other was in use. Nothing for it but to disconnect the empty battery and pull me round, he holding the front basket which was loaded, with me continuing to steer the apparatus.


Where did I want to go to next….honestly… no… I could browse and shop….. he was there to assist, etc. etc.  I couldn’t, I  just couldn’t  take my time, weaving in and out of aisles and corners, checking on things that caught my eye while reliant on a minder, however nice he was.  Three more items I definitely wanted to find and then on to the check out.

Nobody batted an eyelid when I zoomed off up the aisles at the start of my shopping journey on the scooter.  An awful lot of people stared as the vehicle  was ignominiously pulled  into the ‘pitstop’ by its basket with me astride its seat. 



6 thoughts on “BURPING TO A STOP

  1. Well, what I learn from this read, is just how convenient the scooter is. A real advantage to those who have physical limitations. I suppose it’s to be epected that the battery would wear out unexpectedly. And it was very kind of the shop assistant, to help out physically, though I probably would have felt just as uncomfortable as you did in such a situation. Still this is just the start, when it comes to such devices in the stores. And I am confident that the service will improve.

  2. Hi Shimon,

    The batteries for these scooters are usually charged overnight and they are then good to go for 8 -10 hours of use. The scooters at this store are old, transferred from a branch that got new replacements. I was informed that one of the two scooters has a dying battery, which, because of its age is no longer replaceable. I got it! In the UK the mobility scooters have been in use in shopping malls and large stores for a very long time.

    There are heavy duty electric mobile scooters that owners can use out on the street. They have covers for use inclement weather. They are a boon for people who have limited mobility and drastically reduce the reliance on carers, friends, family and neighbours. They are important in giving independence and responsibility in daily living back to the individual, who is in every other manner competent to benefit from a mobility scooter. It significantly reduces the State social care bill. which, makes the public accountants happier.

    Some stores are so large it is difficult for anyone with disability to shop without some facility to help. What you want might could be at different ends of such a store, as well as somewhere offset. The alternative is an over-wheelchair trolley basket that is attached to the users’ wheelchair. It is an enabler for the wheelchair bound person providing there is someone to push the wheelchair, in my case. With all its concomitant frustrations, indepedance is reduced. Using a self-propelling wheelchair could be a different story, if such a trolley basket does not foul the wheels.

  3. I can well understand your frustration at not being able to go at the pace you wanted. However, it’s definitely a plus that you had such a helpful member of staff. Here’s to batteries that go on indefinitely!

  4. Staff member brilliant, Gilly. I have passed on my compliments to the store manager.

    Batteries when newer, are like car batteries, they should work at optimal levels, when worn out, they do not.

  5. I’m sorry but I did have a laugh here! I can imagine just how bloomin’ awkward the entire situation was, however helpful the young man was I would have been cringing slightly and wanting the whole thing over with. Poor you, what’s the odds on your chair grinding to a halt??? I hope the crutches are getting easier.xxx

    • Hi Snowbird,

      If you look at my somewhat expanded version of this on my other site, you may be even more amused.

      You are right, it was awkward and cringe making. Its just as well I was not hunting bras in the 50 shades of grey range.

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