I looked at about a dozen posts today, all from contributors to WordPress who are new to me.  As I passed on to the next, then the next,  it occurred to me that just two or three posts invited comments.  A few only invited ‘likes’ and linked to other social media sites; others were statements either in words or pictures on a page.  I wondered if they were meant to be found, might my glimpses of them be intrusive.  There are writers who never venture forth from their own blog platforms, though they will reply to a commenter.  Call me old fashioned, I do mingle,  enjoying the mutual sharing and social contact that it generates.

On reflection. I questioned whether writing ‘blanks’ was what a lot of people did today and if so, why. It opens up a lot of conjecture with no way of gaining any direct answers.  One way communication is not intercommunication; it is, I grant you, communicating…but what?   Still I come back to my central question, why?

There was one post I came across that was a friendly, descriptive, sharing one, on which, I was able to and did leave a comment.



6 thoughts on “WRITING BLANKS

  1. I’ve met people who talked and didn’t listen… I suppose there are bloggers like that too. On the other hand there are readers who don’t blog, don’t write comments… but will send the occasional mail if they like what you’re saying. The internet opens us up to all kinds of people.

    • Hello Shimon,

      The internet does reflect what goes on elsewhere, it’s bound to. the people using cyberspace either repeat their usual behaviours, or, use cyberspace to present themselves in another skin/persona.

      I am not comfortable though, on happening upon posts that seem to be personal, even, private journals. It would not be the platform I would choose for it.

      I have more respect for the bloggers who make journal style posts that are open to commenters.

  2. Yes, similar thoughts have crossed my mind. I suspect for some people a blog is simply a form of self-expression rather than a way of making contact with others. Occasionally I feel mildly irritated when people are desperate for comments on their own blogs but never seem to read other people’s … but maybe that is just intolerance on my part.

  3. Hi Gill,

    If it is self-expression, it is an interesting self-expression; it suggests an element of surreality, for which a blog platform is an ideal platform. As I said to Shimon, it is not a platform I would choose for private self-expression. I would use my computer to effect it, it being easier than sitting and physically writing with pen and paper in a journal. However, I would not be posting what I wrote. Elements of my thoughts might become test bed posts.

    You are not the only one who is intolerant of people who live on their post platforms and never venture off them to visit others. I have blogged about it in the past, It provoked one person to visit me twice!
    (Old habits die hard). It’s much like always visiting someone who would be perfectly able in all respect to return the compliment, but who does not. I knew people who rarely telephoned their social contacts, expecting anyone and everyone to always call them.

  4. How odd to write a blog and close comments, it’s like talking to yourself isn’t it? There are a wealth of different types out there for sure, some bare their very souls but as you say don’t want to read what others are saying….I find it a little selfish.xxx

  5. Hi Snowbird,

    I also conject about the blogger’s social fears, the inability to risk receiving contact from others and responding to contact.

    There was one journal which, to my mind really was about private expression. My question was, why on earth this exhibiting of such writing? I can only surmise the writer was hiding behind the perceived drapes of anonymity.

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