It is incomprehensible that the major media organisation in the UK is being petitioned to re-instate an employee who has a public serial ‘offending’ profile evidenced on film many times. On the basis of the latest incident alleged to have been perpetrated on a member of staff, Clarkson, a presenter of the BBC ‘Top Gear’ car reviewing programme, has been suspended.

We know the Top Gear programme has been a best seller, worldwide and makes millions of pounds for the BBC. Irrespective of this, What does the petition to re-instate Clarkson say about the audience profile for the Top Gear programme?

There was a clear case at an earlier time to halt the cavalier,loose canon behaviour which has been exhibited. Money and profit seems to have been the overriding consideration in the faulty decision-making process, which allowed Clarkson free reign with his disinhibition to continue to offend, apparently bully and physically assault others at work. His arrogance and insubordination has been allowed grow, Clarkson has had no boundaries. Has he now hit the buffers?

The BBC should not be in a quandary about actions to pursue. Their history in protecting staff from sexual harassment,offence and assaults has been seriously faulty. Now is the time for the Corporation to demonstrate a different policy from the old policy, where suppression was encouraged. Now, the Corporation must very publicly demonstrate a different moral code that, offensive behaviour and abuse of staff will not be tolerated. Will They?



  1. Absolutely atrocious! 🙄 Sad…if not tragic…that our Society can have sunken to such low levels of morality….what has happened to decency?

  2. And we the license payers are all paying for it !
    I have never liked the man, so I won’t miss him if the BBC chooses to put someone else in the driving seat (so to speak).

  3. I cannot believe all the fuss this has generated 🙄 if its true he punched a producer he needs to go end off if we did such a thing at our place of work it would mean instant dismissal I have seen this happen many moons ago there is no way back for him I believe violence is unaccepatable like most folk ….

  4. Hi Munzly,

    Cars of any kind are no excuse to tolerate diabolical behaviour from anyone.

    On the basis of what you say, any other presenter, preferably with better manners and behaviour, would fit the bill…so be it.

  5. Clarkson is no role model I would want to be associated with Lilian1. His publicly expressed offensive attitudes should have been curtailed long ago. He has been out of control far too long. The BBC should be ashamed for openly tolerating this man. Filthy lucre comes to mind.


  6. Hi Keggy,

    Thanks for your comment.

    There should be no ‘ifs’ no ‘buts’, the BBC must dispense with this man’s services. Others can present a programme about cars, preferably, a re-designed programme. The present programme is tainted by Clarkson, and what the BBC has turned a blind eye to, minimised and permitted.

    Yes,I agree, we are paying for the unacceptable.

  7. Perhaps you don’t appreciate the male bond with his car, or the dream car he desires. It’s as powerful as sex or maybe more so. In many ways Clarkson embodies the worst of this.

  8. En france, un prĂ©sentateur a Ă©tĂ© exclu de la tĂ©lĂ© dès qu’il a Ă©tĂ© connu qu’il se droguait (Il avait eu la bĂŞtise de le dire)…

  9. Tres bon!

    Il est un societe triste ce que support quelq’un qui abuse son position, fais faire avec impunite des mauvaises maniere est aussie abuse physicalement son colleagues. Est maintenant notre premiere ministre lui donner son support… est encroyable.

  10. I’m not saying I like him or approve of his stupid behaviour. I’m just saying it’s the part of the spectrum of possible male behaviour traits that relate to cars.

  11. So, the bottom line to this supposition is, Clarkson and other men like him, have an excuse to be allowed to be grossly socially disinhibited, they can be so with impunity.

  12. Tu connais bien entendu “notre” affaire DSK…

    Nous avons beaucoup ri et avons poussĂ© un soupir de soulagement quand il a agi le 14 mai 2011 au Sofitel : Nous avions ainsi Ă©chappĂ© Ă  sa candidature comme prĂ©sident de la rĂ©publique… Un prĂ©sident violeur et obsĂ©dĂ© sexuel… Pffff :??:

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