We humans constantly slough off our skin, not usually like a chrysalis does when it changes into its new form of a butterfly. When a bit of you that has been wrapped up for a while is unwrapped, you see just how much of your skin has detached itself. Admittedly, it takes a period of time to slough of your skin in bulk. Unlike the chrysalis, after all that sloughing, we still have recognisable layers of skin attached; true, it might need a bit of tender loving care, however, for all that, we do not metamorphose into something different from what we essentially are.


0 thoughts on “SKIN

  1. You gotta have skin,
    All you really need is skin
    Skin’s the thing that if you’ve got it outside
    It helps keep your insides in

    It covers your nose,
    And it’s wrapped around your toes
    And inside it you put lemon meringue
    And outside, you hang your clothes

    Skin is what you feel at home in
    And without it, furthermore
    Both your liver and abdomen
    Would keep falling on the floor
    (And you’d be dressed in your intestine)

    A Siamese twin
    Needs an extra set of skin
    And when the doctor knows that you’re feelin’ sick
    Where does he stick his needle in?
    In the end of your skin! :))

    Alan Sherman lyrics.

  2. It’s mentioned in a verse of “The Irish Ballad” :-

    She weighted her brother down with stones,
    sing a-Rickety-tickety-tin,
    She weighted her brother down with stones,
    And sent him off to Davy Jones.
    All they ever found were some bones,
    And occasional pieces of skin, of skin,
    Occasional pieces of skin.

  3. The usual weird and macabre humour of this very interesting and clever man stands out here Munzly. I can’t immediately think of a current lyricist or lyric that matches either Shermsn or, Lehrer., except perhaps, for the BCUK resident poet.

  4. Researching ‘skin’ I found hundreds of biblical references, the flailing, beating variety were prevalent, needless to say. What a testament of violence that referential book is.

    The musical worm that was in my mind was “I got you under my skin”. It’s a pity the main cover of it was sung by Sinatra. I could never comfortably listen to him. To me, Matt Munro had the more musical voice of its crooning type and he had superb phrasing.

    Both Alan Sherman and Tom Lehrer did amazing compositions in verse and they enhanced their work with their chosen forms of delivery. They made their works and words accessible to vast audiences around the globe.

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