I promised myself I would not do any washing this holiday weekend, I had done enough while we were away on a short break, loads and loads of it, left by other people who had used the house before us. The contracted cleaning and service agency had their invoice paid for,  for a date they said they did the job, which was  a few days before we arrived.  They very obviously had not fulfilled their contract in any shape or form.  I took the house owner, (a friend) on a tour of the premises with my iPad camera, so, he could the agency to task.  Hell! was he upset and mortified at what we walked into.  We set about making the house reasonable to stay in.

There was some of our own stuff  to wash and dry on our return home, inevitably, there always is, but, I said to myself, that’s it,no more. The trouble is, where I live, In  the far north of Scotland,  you are very aware of weather patterns, you have to be. Today is going to be the best day of the week, the rest of it is forecast to be a wash- out, ( ‘scuse the irresistible pun ). So, if I am going to get washing dried the eco way, outside on the line, whatever there is to be washed must be laundered today. Yet another resolution hits the dust……….



  1. Hi Shimon,

    Today is the May Day (Spring Bank) Holiday. Anyone who has not left town was out in town getting their shopping, or, they were out for walks. The weather forecast for the rest of the week suggests we are hurtling back to winter with foul weather. Spring!……What’s that!!

  2. Oh my….you are a glutton for punishment, you deserve a treat after all that washing, but like you I don’t like to miss a good drying day!xxx

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